About Us

PP Link Securities Co., Ltd. (PPLS) holds the licenses of Securities Broker (SB), Financial Advisory (FA), Derivative Broker (DB), and Securities Selling Firm (SSF), all recognized by the Ministry of Economy and Finance of Cambodia (MEF), Securities and Exchange Regulator of Cambodia (SERC), and Cambodia Securities Exchange (CSX).

As a significant part of pioneering economic participation, PPLS intends to provide a high-quality and professional investment environment, either for securities or derivative instruments to both local and international investors. Further, under the capacity as a financial advisory firm, PPLS aims to assist not only local businesses to be listed in Cambodia to achieve capital raising and brand enhancement but also the foreign companies in order to shape the overall Cambodia securities market as intense and competitive as the global securities market.

With the continuous development in Cambodia capital market, PPLS has been engaging in plenty of seminars and exhibitions. Together with our partners and regulator, PPLS has promoted the market both locally and internationally. Following the educational purposes, PPLS has participated in 25 provincial roadshows conducted by SERC and other business partners, offering Cambodian people and market prospects access to financial investment.



Presenting you as the most comprehensive financial service provider in Cambodia, PP Link Securities (PPLS) is proud to continuously assist in the economic development in the Kingdom through genuinely providing Cambodian people, especially investors and traders with the most reliable trading platforms, golden investment opportunities, unrivaled professionalism and expertise, impeccable client services, and caring corporate social responsibilities. All we are in and always on.  

Since PPLS was regulated as a financial firm by the Ministry of Economy and Finance of Cambodia (MEF) and Securities and Exchange Regulator of Cambodia (SERC) to hold the four licenses of Securities Broker (SB), Financial Advisory (FA), Derivative Broker (DB), and Securities Selling Firm (SSF), we have ensured that each of our business natures is an effective remedy for all prospective clients to flourish in any uncertainties in economic changes, which in turn generates more investment choices to secure their financial wellness, well reflecting our slogan “THE PERFECT TERMINAL TO UPLIFT YOUR FINANCIAL WELLNESS”.

Being in agreement with Cambodia Securities Exchange (CSX), we would like to express our opinion that our competence in the securities market as both qualified securities broker and securities selling agent can be a significant bridge of trading connection between listed companies and investors. Thereby, we have an obligation to serve investors with the CSX Trade platform and the shares of listed companies on CSX in such a manner that they can have more opportunities to diversify their investment portfolios for uplifting their financial growth. Furthermore, our participation in the securities market is momentous for the evolvement of Cambodia’s economy.

By establishing and managing the operations of PPLS, we have comprehended that corporate governance is essential and quite challenging for novice entrepreneurs. Hence, for the holistic economic growth in Cambodia, we have circled around the issues with a board of professional corporate advisors to provide support to those who are in need of getting listed in the securities market at CSX in order for them to receive all vast advantages of being listed, including accessibility to the future capital and financial markets in the ASEAN region, a better business status, accountability, marketability and liquidity, employee morale and productivity, and contribution to the national economic growth.

Last but not least, also being a derivative brokerage firm in Cambodia derivatives market, we are so honored to possess distinctive feasibility to serve the public with our thorough financial consultation on how to seize a smart, beneficial investment and various financial instruments along with a globally-recognized trading platform. By means of our capacity and capability, we are quite certain that all prospective clients will superfluously enjoy the most convenient derivatives trading with us.

As a stakeholder of Cambodia’s economic growth for a sustainable and integrated development, we PPLS have carried out enriching our ability to diversify our business scale beyond the traditional and contemporary financial investment. This sense has spiritually inspired us to further create appealing opportunities, innovatively develop trust, and precisely nurture related individuals including clients and the young generations. Embracing such criteria, we have always adhered to integrity, education promotion and client satisfaction.

Internally, by upholding our corporate mission and vision, we have constantly leveraged our solid financial base, superior brand awareness, and diverse workforce in order to become the highest esteemed company in Cambodia. While remaining committed to quality in all aspects, we have continued to evolve our value creation, which ultimately grows our reputation locally and globally.

Ms. Nicole Ho, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of PP Link Securities


The pride of PP Link Securities (PPLS) is​ a robust combination of internationally-recognized qualifications, more-than-a-decade experiences, the most diversified expertise, and high-committed resilience of all our alliances and management members whom have been best in sectors of education, finance, economy, law, management, real estate, and many more, creating an entity where financial wellness can be well introduced, successfully guided, and sustainably flourished with the integrity and growth of the market.