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With the extension of investment variety at PPLS, now you can become a shareholder and benefit from the growth of any companies registered in Cambodia securities market with fair, safe, and transparent trading executions. Register and Start Your Investment Journey Now!

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With our Securities Broker license recognized by Securities and Exchange Regulator of Cambodia (SERC) and as a member of Cambodia Securities Exchange (CSX), we are here to connect you to securities investment and help you become a shareholder of any listed companies on Cambodia securities market. Learn More on how we can assist you with our expertise.

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With the securities market, you can monitor the real-time price movement giving you more information to identify the market trend and seize profitable opportunities.

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As committed to helping you become a shareholder of any listed companies on Cambodia Securities Exchange (CSX), we are ready to offer what you need to achieve such a goal. Explore our services to see how convenient and comprehensive they are.

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Your journey with us to reach your investment target is driven by CSX Trade, well developed by Cambodia Securities Exchange (CSX), on which investors can trade stocks via their smart devices from anywhere in a fast, easy, and safe way.

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Whether you want to invest individually or institutionally, we bring you the quickest way with just a few steps to get started.