MTS Platform
Fast, Easy, and Safe for Your Trading

Your journey with us to reach your investment target is driven by the Mobile Trading System (MTS), well developed by Cambodia Securities Exchange (CSX), on which investors can trade stocks via their mobile devices from anywhere in a fast, easy, and safe way.

About MTS Platform

MTS (Mobile Trading System) is a newly-developed system implemented by CSX and provided to investors through brokers who have successfully subscribed to provide MTS service to their clients. Through this platform, investors could trade stocks of any listed companies on CSX in a fast, easy, and safe way as this platform is equipped with various functions allowing users from anywhere to place orders by themselves and view current and historical market data as well as trade account data via smartphones or tablets connected to the Internet.

Functions of MTS in Trading Process

With this well-developed system, investors can enjoy the convenience of the trading execution, which they can easily monitor things as the following:

  • Placing Bid/Ask Order, Correcting and Cancelling Order
  • Order and Historical Trade Inquiry
  • Cash and Securities Balance Inquiry
  • Profit/Loss Evaluation of Current and Historical Holding Securities Inquiry
  • Market Situation Monitoring
  • Disclosure and Other Related News Inquiry
  • Making Cash Withdrawal Request