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About SB

Under the Securities Broker license recognized by the Securities and Exchange Regulator of Cambodia (SERC) and as a member of Cambodia Securities Exchange (CSX), PP Link Securities (PPLS) aims to activate Cambodia securities market to reach the international stage. Through this mission, we are here to connect you to securities sources, mainly for trading the securities of companies listed on Cambodia securities market.

With our provided services, your trading transactions are executed fairly, safely, and transparently on CSX, in compliance with relevant laws and regulations of the Kingdom of Cambodia. At PPLS, we commit to serving clients with professional standards and treating clients’ investments as ours, with our certified securities-related knowledge, experience, and standards.

We Serve You Everything You Need!

As committed to helping you become a shareholder of any listed companies on Cambodia Securities Exchange (CSX), we are ready to offer what you need to achieve such a goal. Explore our services to see how convenient and comprehensive they are.