• 28-09-2022

MetaQuotes removal from Apple App Store Notice

Dear Valued Clients,

On Saturday, September 24th, Apple Inc. has been removed the Metaquote trading software MT4 and MT5 from the Apple App Store. After deeply acknowledging with the relevant companies, here are the following information:
1. The removal does not affect the iPhone and iPad that have downloaded the MT4 software, and are usable as normal;
2. Except for the impact of new downloads in the Apple Store, all other trading systems including Android phones, desktop versions, etc. are still available and will not be affected;
3. If new users are using iPhone or iPad, they can use the mobile browser to open the MT4 web version of the trading;
4. Metaquote is continuing to discuss the relevant decision with Apple. The initial replied that there was no political factor involved, but only the decision of the Apple Store’s consistent risk control department. Our company will continue to pay attention to the relevant situation and test some system which is available running on the MT4 platform for new iPhones and iPads and ensure smooth use in all system environments.;
5. For those iPhone and iPad users that have already downloaded the MT4 software, please do not uninstall the software, to avoid not to be unable to download apps and unusable.

If you have any questions, please kindly contact Our Marketing team or customer service department to inquire for the relevant issues or the details of the use of the web version.

Thank you for your attention

Yours faithfully,
PP Link Securities